Saturday, November 6, 2010

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Holy crap. Taylor Swift's "Enchanted" is my favorite song in the whole world right now. I listened to her new CD for the first time in a friend's car yesterday, and I was very impressed. The lyrics are much deeper and the songs are, well, magical. I was listening to one of the songs on YouTube earlier today and saw a comment comparing her to Bob Dylan..? At first I was like, umm, what? But then I read the rest and it said that she is like him because she's a great song writer, but a terrible singer and performer. I don't necessarily agree. She is a wonderful songwriter  (and you can't even compare their song writing because that have such different styles), but I don't think she's a terrible singer. I do think she's not very good live, though. But is Dylan a terrible performer? I quite like his voice, though I know a lot of people disagree. Oh, people and their opinions.

In other news, NaNo is taking up my whole life. Eh. I don't want to talk about it.

So, recently I have been getting into art. I'm not good at drawing or painting, but I do think it's wonderful. I might post some things I've done if I decide they are good enough. I would talk more about this, but I haven't even started writing yet. Bllehsbfjkerkgbifugbwr

My main story is coming along nicely, though. I'm on the fourth chapter, I think. My second story is a load of nonsense, which is good because I need a break now and again from writing about all this serious stuff.


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