Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Was your day swell?

I am going to begin by explaining the name, What a Swell Day!

It all began when I was just a young girl... actually, more like when I was 14. I was working in the nursery at my church and a woman who must have been in her upper forties, came to pick up her child. Somehow we got to talking about slang and modern English.  She laughed and said, "I miss those days when it was cool to say words like, 'Groovy' and 'Swell'. I'm going to try to bring them back someday."
Since then, the word "swell" has been one of my favorites.

Just a few months ago, however, I discovered it was also the goal of one of my friends, Jasmine, to bring back the word "swell". Since then, almost every time we see each other, we greet each other by saying things like, "How was your day? Was it swell?" Or, "What a swell day it is!".

And thus, the name was born!

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