Friday, September 10, 2010

An eventful trip to the movies

Don't you hate when you think of a billion things you want to say but when you finally have the chance to say them, YOU FORGET EVERYTHING FHNGBDGNKFGJIS.

So, I discovered the most wonderful thing in existence last night. I was at the $1.50 movie theater with my sisters and a friend, going to watch Eclipse. We thought the movie started at 9:15, but it actually started at 9:45. So, with thirty-ish minutes to spare, we walked around the (rather small) lobby while my mom purchased the popcorn and such. I looked over at the little fifty cents candy/toy dispensers. And what did I see? FIFTY CENT SELF ADHESIVE MUSTACHES!! Why did I not discover this before?

It was so exciting, that I yelled for everyone to come and see them. My sister just happened to have fifty cents, and so, excited and envious, we watched. Waiting to see what crazy-rad mustache she would get. Finally, she gets her mustache, and we see that it's the "General" mustache. We were so amused by this, that we begged our mother for more quarters so that we could get our own.

 My friend, Lyndsay, went first. She also got the general mustache. My little sister went next, and receives a rather furry, grey mustache. I assume the name of it had to do with old men. Finally, it was my turn. I put the quarters in, turned the knob. And what pops out? A blond Hitler mustache. You heard me. A BLOND Hitler mustache. I looked down at my mustache. Everyone laughed.

My mother gave me another fifty cents, actually, she handed it to my sister, who told me she was getting it for me. I was crossing my fingers, hoping for a good one this time. She grabbed the mustache, her eyes growing wide. "THIS ONE IS MINE!!" She yelled. We all asked her which one it was. It was the Italian mustache. The greatest mustache. The one everyone wants. The one that makes people who have real mustaches really jealous.

"Nope, it's mine. You got it FOR ME." I said, smiling. I go to grab it, but she hides it behind her back. She says I have to give her my blond mustache if I want the new one, and for the first time I feel like I love the blond mustache, I mean, it's still a mustache, right? But I couldn't refuse, so I gave in and traded it for the beautiful, furry, black Italian mustache.

It was a great night, we wore them the whole movie and walking out of the theater. We probably had a lot of people stop and stare (Envious, of course), but we were to excited to notice. It was a pretty good night.

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